About Us

Our Team

Pursuit Junkies is a dedicated team to the outdoors. Our main passion is hunting whitetails in Iowa. We also pursue many other species in Iowa including turkeys, ducks, geese, coyotes and more. 

We also have a lease in south Texas where we pursue many species, but mainly hunt hogs, deer, mouflan rams and axis bucks.

Our Passion

While our main hunting is in Iowa and Texas we have hunted all across the United States, Canada, and recently took a trip to New Zealand. We enjoy the challenge and adrenaline that comes from hunting big game animals and also the great scenery that comes with the hunt.

The Team

The great outdoors provides us with many aspirations whether it be planting trees, triming trees for stands, planting food plots, or checking cameras, it all makes the hunt that much better.

Team Members

Colin Ralston

Colin is avid hunter of all species but his main focus is hunting big Iowa whitetails. Colin enjoys the challenge that comes from a big game hunt and the reward of a successful harvest.  

Kyle Brewer

Kyle mostly focuses on Whitetails and Ducks. From September into mid October he will be in a duck blind every weekend until its time to climb a tree for the Iowa whitetail rut.

Hunter Newman

Hunter enjoys pursuing Iowa whitetails throughout bow and gun seasons. As well as traveling and exploring new land across the United States chasing many other species.

Matt Gardner

Matt is a avid Iowa whitetail and eastern turkey hunter. He also takes great pride in land stewardship by planting hundreds of trees each year creating wildlife habitat and sanctuaries.

Mark "Big Daddy Junkie" Ralston

Mark hunts all over the world and has taken many trophy big game animals. Marks main passion is hunting and maintaining his south Texas lease.

Trevor "Crow" Jenkins

Trevor is one of a kind, with his extensive knowledge of all fields. He is very into predator control and is also a very experienced midwest whitetail hunter.